Mugwort hamburgare med hemleverans (Gör det själv) – The Champ – Sveriges Bästa // D.I.Y Burger – 15 pack

1,795.00 kr

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Enjoy a safe refrigerated transport home to your door by the Mugwort BBQ restaurant in Gråbo.

Award-winning burger, Swedish Champion 2020

A creation that is absolutely fantastic. Meat, cheese, french fries, black garlic mayo, fried caramelized onions

This package includes shipping and you get 15 burger pockets for free!

The delivery arrives right at the door in a really sealed styrofoam box – in this there is everything you need along with instructions for making a really good burger.

The products are ordered through us but are a brokerage service to Mugwort that takes care of and is responsible for the product and delivery.
Once the product arrives home, you will be greeted by a cold chain transport secured product with everything you need to enjoy a real cannon burger, just like at their restaurant. Good alternative to a small collection, corporate event etc

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